This week, Bandade spoke with Nik Greeley of Nik Greeley & The Operators and Swift Technique. We were fortunate enough to have Nik host our kick-off show at MilkBoy this past March. What an awesome dude and great performer. Check out our Q&A below:

How would you describe the music that you play? You have been involved in a few different musical projects around the city, can you break them down for us?

I’m very lucky to have two really great bands that consist of some really talented musicians who I also get to call good friends. Swift Technique & Nik Greeley and The Operators is very much about energy and performance, and we play music that is engaging, soulful, and lots of fun.

You’ve been called one of the best frontmen in Philadelphia, and, I can definitely attest, you own the stage. Where do you get that confidence? Do you ever get nervous before a show?

Thank you! It started back in high school performing in theater and playing in my first band. I knew very early on music was for me, and I was meant to be on stage performing & entertaining. The freedom, the energy, being in the moment.. Nothing else matters, and it’s all love. I’ve been chasing the feeling ever since.

When were you inspired to become a musician and what does music mean to you?

Music is everything to me. I’ve been dreaming about being in a band since I was little. I would have concerts in my basement and play air guitar listening to my parents and older brother’s records on my stereo. I owe much of my life to the experiences and people that I’ve connected with through music. I love it with all my heart.

How does the Bandade cause, fighting for cancer research, resonate with you personally?

I’ve lost people I love and care about to cancer, and if there is one thing I know, is that music is one of the few things that can help mend and heal those who are suffering or have been affected by it. It’s an honor to help in any way I can, and I’m thankful Bandade exists and allows the opportunity to do so.

What has been playing on your iPod (Spotify, TIDAL, whatever) lately?

I have some great playlists on Spotify y’all should be listening to when you got time. I am a big Mac DeMarco fan, he’s been on repeat for quite some time now. Vulfpeck has been another staple, if you don’t know them, you will soon.

When can we see you perform next and where can we find some of your recordings?

Swift Technique will be headlining Ardmore Music Hall Fri. June 24th with Con Brio and Johnny Popcorn. Nik Greeley & The Operators will be performing at BeardFest Music Festival in Hammonton, NJ with Moon Hooch, Out of the Beardspace, Corey Henry (Snarky Puppy) Start Making Sense, and many more on June 16th-June 18th.

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